We are a Berlin-based production company, run by Marianne and Detsky Graffam.

Our superpower is bringing stories to life.  We turn words and ideas into fully developed concepts, scripts, commercial adverts and films.

Our focus is the development of films and series for the international market and the production of great commercials.

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Marianne Graffam

Marianne is the pragmatic Networker of the HQ. With her go-getter-attitude and communication skills, she loves putting the right people together for the magic to happen. Her engine is her great love of Film and People and a passion for making the world a better place. Marianne has worked in the media industry in England and Germany and will find just the right approach for your next project.


Detsky Graffam

Detsky is a Storyteller with heart and soul. In him, we see the collision of Filmmaker and Eco warrior, of English humour and German disciplined precision. With years of experience as a Writer, Director and Editor, he can provide a strong overview of the whole creative process from ideas to final delivery - and when the going gets tough, Detsky is your man. He understands how to align clients and team members, work out a common vision and will find just the right tailor-made approach for every project and budget. As a founding member of plasticfreeworld, he understands the needs of start-ups and NGOs and now wants to make great adverts for great causes.

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Chris Rubino
Scriptwriter ┃ Editor

The scripts Chris writes reflect his English upbringing - black comedy is where he feels most at home though he's also partial to a bit of nail biting drama. So if you need a creative editor to find the story hiding in your rushes, have an existing screenplay that needs a fresh pair of eyes, or you have an original idea and want to turn it into a script, let´s talk.  His specialty is finding an unexpected angle in material where others would quite reasonably wave the white flag.



Felix Laubscher

Felix is an enthusiastic border crosser between practice and theory, as long as it has something to do with film and story telling. 


There are few jobs on a film set that Felix has not held, and his PhD is all about - what a surprise - cinematic thinking in video art. If you want to add depth to your project and pimp it with a heavy dose of offbeat knowledge, Felix is your man.


Mark Tenn

Mark Tenn is a British-Jamaican writer based in the NYC metro area working in character-driven Genre and Drama.

A revisionist, cinematic storyteller fascinated by moral duplicity, his work invites you to look again. To see other sides of familiar coins and expose conventions that too often pass unchallenged. 


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Alvaro Donado
Producer ┃ Writer

Alvaro Donado is a Film, TV and Commercials Producer/Director based in the NYC metro area who has led projects across the US, Central/South America, Europe and Africa.

He currently works with top agencies directing and producing branded content for clients such as Hess, Office Depot, Nike Air Jordan, Kohls, Splenda, Organic Valley and SHIPT, to name a few.


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